chapel hill

Chapel Hill was originally named Mount Saint Florence, which was a Roman Catholic convent for troubled girls. The convent had been in Peekskill, New York since 1874 and was listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places in 1987. It remained in Peekskill decaying and being vandalized for years. Mount St. Florence covered one hundred and twenty acres of land and was run by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. The school consisted of many buildings including Craig mansion (the earliest building on the site built in 1865), a church, school, 8,000 square-foot gym, dorms, housing for the nuns, etc. Unfortunately almost everything was demolished when the plans to build the Chapel Hill apartment complexes finally went through. All the buildings on the grounds were torn down except for the church and the dormitory building. Along with the elaborate inner decor consisting of plasterwork, friezes, and sculpted light fixtures in Craig mansion, the convent contained fifty-five German-made stained glass windows and an altar with a 25-foot-high marble canopy, which were left when the complex closed. However, the stained glass windows were taken out before the demolition started and are now being held by the Peekskill Museum and the alter is still in the building that was the church. Today, the historic landmarks of Mt. St. Florence have been restored and are now part of the Chapel Hill development.