Thesis Abstract

- My thesis explores the design strategies of layering and the use of ornamentation to convey meaning visually.

My thesis really came together when I started to relate layering in design to layering in music. At that point the pieces started to fall in place. Comparing the two offered the opportunity to create the perfect piece of work for my project.

My idea of relating layering in music and design is this...music itself is composed of multiple layers, each instrument is essentially a different layer. All these components then come together to form a complete piece. In the music world every aspect of layering sound has been explored, and each piece delivers a unique feeling. For a symphony the layers are placed so that everything flows smoothly together, whereas other genres of music might intentionally overlap layers to create a distorted sound. Both delivering different feelings intentionally planned by the artist.

It is the same in design, the strategy of layering has been explored for years and continues to be. Layers are placed accordingly to deliver a specific message, whether it be straight forward or more abstract and subliminal.

To display my thesis I created a piece and divided it into 7 different layers. Each layer was printed on transparency film and suspended from the cieling in a row. Depending on where the viewer stands in relation to the piece, they were able to experience layers individually as well as the work in its entirety.